No Mount Cave Diving – Castle Rock, Fennimore, WI



  1. Alan Lupsha

    Nicely done. Impressive and a little nuts.

  2. Aaron Vincent

    Nice Richard.. We want more…Very Impressive!!!

  3. James K

    Absolutely amazing!

  4. bud symons

    ok the padi cops are going to get you for not having a snorkel

    • I am working on the 500ft snorkel as we speak. I guess I would need two for redundancy.

    • stephen

      cavern diving is one of the few snorkel exemptions for padi.

  5. Steve Klinker

    Anazing angles and light ing PERFECT.. fins and no redundant flotation device..or surface markers..??shame shame…(LOL)

  6. Barry Allen


  7. Richard Lamb

    Well done

  8. Maurizio

    Sono rimasto inchiodato al video fino alla fine.
    Siete veramente bravi a gestire questi livelli di stress.
    Saluti dall’Italia

    I was nailed to the video until the end.
    You are very good at managing these stress levels.
    greetings from Italy

  9. Amazing… wow …very awesome!

  10. lolwhat

    Nice! All you need to do now, is to swap one of the tanks for an O2 CCR (max depth is less than 5m, right?), and you can spend all day in there.

  11. RESPECT!
    I hope the water temperature is cold…