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  1. I was referred to Superior Dive Training (SDT) by a friend and decided to give it a try. I must say that SDT is second to none in dive training–ANYWHERE! The level of expertise, attention to detail, environmental conservation and professionalism delivered by SDT has kept me coming back! After all, who better to train under than the guy who wrote the book on overhead environments… I can say, without reservation, that SDT is the best in the business! Thanks Richard and I look forward to my next class!!!!

  2. Aaron Vincent

    Taking my cave courses with Richard was UNBELIEVABLE. His patience and communication skills are second to none. He explains things in ways that are very easily understood and made me feel very comfortable in a new and uncomfortable situation. By the middle of my class, I was ready to stay another week. Richard’s skills as an Instructor, as well as a diver, are exceptional. I would recommend Richard to a diver of any level looking to progress. Once you dive with him you will realize just what I am talking about. I find myself lucky to have been trained by someone of his stature and now I am even luckier to have a very good friend.

  3. Paul Daniels

    I completed my full cave certification with Richard and would recommend him without hesitation. I have worked full time in the scuba industry for 7 years and have not met a more professional, enthusiastic instructor. He has the ability to combine the safety and knowledge required for his courses, whilst still making them fun and enjoyable. Role on February when i go back to do some more diving with Richard.

  4. Chad Engler

    My wife and I did our cave training with Richard. What we liked very much was that you could tell that there would be no short-cutting of the requirements but there also would be no drama about it if we needed help getting something right, Richard’s unerring even temperament and expertise made it easier to approach new skills with more confidence. We went on to also take trimix, blending and wreck training with Richard and enjoyed all the classes.