Backmount or sidemount, you decide!

At Superior Dive Training we believe that individuals should have the right to choose a configuration that suits their needs, desires, and limitations.  Students may complete any of our TDI training programs (with the exception of Sidemount Diver and Sidemount Cave Diver) in either backmount or sidemount configuration.  In our opinion, each configuration has a unique set of strengths and allowing students the flexibility to optimize for the environment is in the best interest of all parties.  For those who wish to save their backs or have sustained back injuries in the past, utilizing sidemount may afford them the opportunity to technical dive instead being stuck on shore.

If you would like more information about the strengths of each system and its ideal environment, feel free to contact us.  If you need any assistance, we are always happy to help!  We look forward to working with you, regardless of your configuration preference.