Jug Spring

Jug Spring, also known as Blue Hole, is a beautiful sidemount cave located in Ichetucknee Springs State Park, open to certified cave divers from October through March. The cave itself is relatively small (550 feet of penetration); however, it boasts some of the most beautiful passage in North Central Florida.

The dive begins with a 40-foot descent from open water, into the cavern entrance. On sunny days, light rays dance through the water creating a fantastic visual experience in the entrance chamber. The cave begins at the end of the light zone in the Blue Room and immediately presents divers with the first of two sidemount restrictions. Just beyond the horizontal bedding plane the cave opens into a large room (the Gray Room) with a sand and clay floor. Next, the cave passage funnels into a tight area with sand that sparkles in the light, hence the name Diamond Sand Restriction. Beyond this point, the cave remains relatively large until the line and the cave terminate.

The walls and ceiling are mostly black in color and the floor transitions between clay and sand. There is moderate to heavy water flow throughout the system. Jug Hole has one jump that leads to an impossibly small bedding plane. The line disappears through a tiny opening which marks the end of the road for most cave divers. The Loft Room is located on the main line just beyond the jump and is a personal favorite. Atop the large clay hill in the middle of the room, close inspection reveals hundreds of tiny bones from catfish that fell prey to the hungry resident eel.

Jug Hole is a truly magical place that deserves the utmost respect. Dangling gear, improper trim and poor buoyancy can lead to  irreversible damage. Be sure that your skills are up to speed and your configuration is clean before venturing into this system.


Jug hole is located at the North entrance of Ichetucknee Springs State Park.  Park in the main lot and walk along the wooden boardwalk to the dirt path.  Go right and walk approximately 1/4 mile.  The cave is located in the pool at the end of the path.
Jug Spring is located on public property and is open for cavern and cave diving October through March.
The entrance fee is $5 per day per vehicle.
Diving at Jug Spring requires a cart or hand truck to transport your cylinders to the water.  There is a cart located at the beginning of the boardwalk, however you need a code to unlock it. The cavern may be dived using backmount, the cave can only be accessed in sidemount.  DPV use is not permitted nor is it practical or necessary.