Ginnie Springs and Devil’s Cave

Ginnie Springs is a privately owned park that has been in operation since 1976.  Ginnie Springs is a popular location for camping, tubing, swimming, snorkeling, diving, canoeing, and kayaking. Ginnie Springs has a large on-site dive shop with an air fill station and rental gear.  There are many springs on the property, with Ginnie Spring and Devils Spring being the most popular.

Ginnie Spring, also known as “The Ballroom” is a fairly large cavern with a sandy bottom and substantial out-flowing current.  The maximum depth of the site is appropriately 50ft and the crystal clear water remains 71 degrees Fahrenheit year round.  The park allows open water divers to explore the cavern, however all divers should seek proper training before venturing into an overhead environment.  Access to the cave beyond is blocked by a welded steel grate that was installed in the mid 1970s.

Devil’s Cave is one of Florida’s most popular cave diving sites.  The cave’s tremendous outflow of water keeps it crystal clear even when river levels are at near flood stage.  The cave has two entrance points, Devil’s Eye, and Devil’s Ear.  Devil’s Cave has miles of  beautiful passage that are accessible by swimming or by Diver Propulsion Vehicle (DPV).  Devil’s Cave has passages that are well-suited for properly trained for side-mount, back-mount, no-mount, and rebreather divers.


Ginnie Springs is located approximately 6.5 miles outside of High Springs on CR 340.


5000 Ne 60th Ave.

High Springs, Florida 32643

Ginnie Springs is a privately owned park.  Open Water and Cave Diving is permitted.
The entrance fee is $22 per day for cave divers, $30 for open water divers, and $12 for non-divers.
Diving in the caves located on the Ginnie Springs property requires standard cave diving equipment.  DPV use is permitted for those who are Cave DPV certified.